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Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

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Check out this great new product… ABEEGO – reusable beeswax food wrap. Another great way to avoid using plastic wrap.
- Wrap blocks of cheese, parmesan, cheddar etc and it will keep for weeks without any mold.
- Cover a plate of leftovers, sandwich or keep a bowl of salad fresher longer.
- Easily sticks to itself to make a pouch to hold portable treats for school, picnic or hiking.
-Made with beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil infused into a hemp and organic cotton cloth.
-wrap, wash, reuse.
- Wash in COLD water with eco-friendly dish soap. No microwaves or hot temperatures.
- Lasts one year or longer.
- Reusable | Antibacterial | Breathable | Plastic Free | Compostableabeego-foodwraps-2jpg

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