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Amazing Lekue Rice Cooker

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Benefits of the Lekue Rice Cooker:

  • A very attractive cooking vessel that allows you to cook rice in the microwave.
  • Saves time…no need to boil water first!
  • Thanks to its design, water doesn’t overflow… your microwave stays clean.
  • With its simple, practical and attractive design, the Rice Cooker can be taken to the table and used as a serving vessel.
  • Not only for rice. Can be used for a wide variety of grains… such as couscous, wheat, barley etc. And for the new superfood…Quinoa!!
  • Scientifically tested. Its design is a result of research on cooking rice in the microwave.
  • Dishwasher safe: made of plastic and 100% platinum silicone. Cleans easily… no more chiselling ‘stuck on rice’ off the bottom of your pots.


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