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Best gift of the year – Reallite Battery Candles with Smart Timer

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newARRIVALS 018Reallite has been the best gift of the year at EXPRESSIONS simply because everyone wants one….but there are so many more reasons:

- Reallite has a battery operated flickering wick that can even be seen in daylight…so real that many have tried to blow out the candle.

- Reallite has a smart timer that when set will illuminate at the same time each day for 5 hours, automatically turning itself on and off. Save on power, shut off some lights at night and use a Reallite as a night light in hallway.

- Reallite can be set to come on automatically at dusk and will shut off automatically 5 hours later when you are on vacation giving your home a lived in look.

- Reallite now comes in many colors and many sizes, so lots options to match any decor . They are made of real wax and make an attractive decorative accent whether you use one or make a collage of three or more as seen here.

- Reallite makes a thoughtful gift for seniors as most senior complexes do not allow open flame. Everyone enjoys the ambient flickering light of a candle.

- With Reallite there are no worries about the wind blowing your candles out when dining out on the patio. No worries about hot wax damaging fine linens or furniture. No worries of hot wax or open flame around pets or children.



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