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Family Wall Collage

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Family Wall Collage

Tired of the clutter of too many photo’s or making too many holes in the wall every time you get a new photo to hang?  A simple solution with so many options is with just 3 pieces of moldings so that you can add and change the look as often as needed.

- The length of the molding depends on your wall space and how many photos you think you will have.

- Pick a theme. Pictured here is a simple start to a family wall with random sizes of black frames with white mats. Silver frames with texture were added for interest. Largest frames in the center and spacing each piece exactly the same distance apart makes it look neater.

- As you get more frames, you can choose to overlap frames to make a layered look.  If this is in your future plans then make the molding wider.

- You can add framed wedding invitations and birth announcements, medals or the family crest.

- You can frame wallpaper or fabric from this rooms decor and add the family monogram. Have fun its your wall!


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