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Cooking and Entertaining

babybakingNo matter how busy our lives have become, it’s still important to get the family into the kitchen to spend some quality time cooking and entertaining. An excellent life skill to teach the next generation how to cook a healthy meal from scratch!

Craft Brew Beer Set

craftbrewset2 Each glass designed for a different beer to be able to appreciate the aroma and flavor of each kind.

Santa Fe 

SANTEFEColorful ceramic Santa Fe dishes are perfect for patio entertaining.

Wine Glass Writer

wineglasspenKeep track of your wine glass by writing your name on it. Non toxic and washable the pens will write on any glass, mirror or ceramic surface.

- write Happy Birthday on a glass, mug or mirror.

- write a cheery greeting or reminder note on mirror in entry way.

- write names of cheese on ceramic cheese platter.

Brie Bakers

brie bakerSuch an easy and yummy appetizer or quick brunch meal! Available in a variety of colors.

Hot Dip Bakers

sept10 002Dare you to just try and have only one bite of this delicious baked dip.

Hot Dip Baker comes complete with Leek & Onion with Gruyere Cheese Mix and recipe. So easy to make and so yummy. Excellent little gift .Make sure to also try award winning Parmesan & Artichoke hot dip mix.

Silicone Sunflower Lid

siliconelid-001Seals tightly on all smooth rims like glass, plastic, melamine, stainless steel etc. Save on plastic wrap as you can reuse for reheating or storing. Keeps bugs off food when outdoors. Available in assorted sizes from small (glass size) to xl (casserole size)

Paderno Spiral Slicer

spiralSpiral Slicer quickly and easily, turns almost any firm vegetable, or fruit into spaghetti-like strands. Make the most incredible raw pasta from zucchini and other squashes. Or make spaghetti nests from potatoes, beets, carrots etc.


vinoice5VinOice keeps chilled wine at perfect temperature. Tilting bottle automatically opens the gravity lid and pours without dripping.

Ice Wands

icewandsIce Wands can be stored in freezer and place into any beverage to chill without diluting.

Wine Aerator

0979003-4TWine Aerator by Trudeau. Fits onto bottle for one hand operation and features an air intake system to aerate wine as you pour in one easy step.

Wildly Delicious Sauces

sept10 004Need a meal in a hurry? Make an instant delicious meal with any of these Wildly Delicious Sauces poured over cubed chicken or beef.

Beer Can Chicken

beercanchickenWithout a doubt, this is the best chicken ever! Place a beer can on the holder (perhaps taste it first to ensure it is good enough beer for the chicken) then place chicken over the holder, and rub with spices and place on bbq. Inside of chicken is vey moist while the outside is crisp.

Burger Master

burgermaster1The Burger Master has separate compartments that help prevent freezer burn and keep patties from sticking together.

  •  Make your own healthy burgers , fish burgers, chicken or vegetarian burgers.  Use the tray as a cooler pack when filled with frozen foods or liquids.  Container is dishwasher safe, BPA & Phthalate free.  Can also be used for freezing soups, stews, chili, pasta sauce, or leftovers.

Row Boat Salad Bowl

rowboatsalad bowlCeramic Row Boat that is perfect to use as a salad bowl for patio parties. Also available in smaller sizes for side dishes or condiments.

Gurgle Pitchers

may9 035-001

The Gurgle Pitcher produces a delightful “gurgling” sound as trapped air is released from the tail after pouring. Can be used as a vase for your fresh flowers.

Bamboo Recipe Holder

may9 045-001

Bamboo recipe holder with acrylic splash guard for your recipe books. If you are an ecook it will also hold and protect your ipad. Collapsible for easy storage.

Round Placemats

may9 047-001

Easy clean round polypropylene 15″ place mats available in a dozen colors.

Brix Chocolate 

may9 076-001

Enjoy your favorite wines even more with Brix Chocolate. The first line of chocolates specifically blended to complement wine. Brix comes in four varieties designed to enhance the nuances found in great wines. Available in 8 oz bricks meant to be fractured like hard cheese. Or enjoy all 4 Brix varieties in a exquiste gift box set. Each 4 oz bar pairs with a different varietal of wine.


may9 083Funny and functional gift… Dozens of humorous saying on heavy duty cotton aprons.


Nuance Wine Aerator


Nuance Wine aerator will aerate, filter and pour all in one easy step. No need to wait while you decant wine. Complete with air tight stopper. Compact and easy to take along on your travels.

Silicone Beverage Lids

CV301L ALL-001Seals tightly on all smooth rims like glass, plastic, melamine, stainless steel etc. Helps keep beverages hot or cold and free from bugs. Also useful to reheat in microwave or store in fridge







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