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Tips on decorating the Christmas Tree

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nat.tree.3We often get asked if we want to come home with the customer and decorate their tree too. Not really possible this time of year, so here are some tips to get your started:

      – The tree will be the new focal point of the room so give it some space . Remove pictures that are distracting from the grandeur of the tree.
- Pick a color scheme . It should be a theme that works with the rest of the room.  In this picture we chose a ‘natural’ theme using burlap poinsetta’s, burlap ribbon, glittered twine ball ornaments, antlers, fur trimmed mini mitts, wood stars and sleighs, burlap tree skirt. You could wrap your presents in brown paper and use lace to trim with a bit of greens. 

     - Ensure lights are working and branches are fluffed. Using ribbon as a garland is sometimes difficult , so you could cut the ribbon into small chunks , twist and insert through the through out. 

     - Use a mix of ornaments…some that are big, small, flat, shiny and some with texture. Place the larger ones first evenly through out the tree. Then fill in the rest. Place some deeper inside the tree.
- If you don’t have a lot of large ornaments, you can tie 3 ornament balls together to make a bigger impact. Repeat several times throughout the tree. Fill in with floral picks. Add long spiky floral picks for the tree topper with oversize bow or ornament.


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