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Top ways to personalize “The Gift Card”

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Trying to find the perfect gift that expresses just how much you care can be very frustrating.  And gift cards seem to be on the top of most wish lists these days.  Here are some ways you can personalize it and make it a more thoughtful gift.  Wrapping the gift card is KEY to making it more special, and at EXPRESSION’S we will be more than happy to show you even more options… all under 17.00!

1. Tuck your gift card between a set of coasters.  Make it more fun by taping it to the back of one coaster, wrapping it, then add another coaster on top and wrap them all together, then add another coaster until you have several gifts wrapped up all in one.

2. Treat her to a special Gold Leaf Soap Bar and surprise her with a gift card inside.

3. Insert your gift card inside a box of Gourmet Tea Collection.

4. Add the gift card to a package of fun Wine Glass Writers.

5. File the gift card inside a metal credit card holder that prevents identity theft.

6. Add to one of our humorous mugs filled with hot chocolate envelopes.

7. Tuck inside a beer bottle cover.

8. Tuck inside a box of Frasier Fir candles.. everyone’s favorite scent.

9. Tape it to the back of a box sign “Love You More” or choose one from our large collections of sentiment signs.

10. Tuck inside a Brix Chocolate that pairs so well with wine…. what a treat!

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