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Why you should have a Snake Plant!

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newARRIVALSj14 006Four reasons why you should have a Sansevieria or Snake Plant in your home:

- Sansevieria’s can inject some welcome height and interesting structure in any room whether it is set on floor or side table. Place in an interesting rectangular vase or make a very striking arrangement of three smaller vases in a row. Moss or gravel can fill in the top of the vase.

- It is always a good idea to add an element of nature into your rooms when decorating. And what an easy punch of color.

- A study by Nasa found that it is one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality. Actually removing toxins, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

- Easy maintenance, loves to be in a crowded pot .  Requires very little water as it is a succulent . In winter water sparingly once or twice a month.

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